Sandra and Jeff | Uplands Golf Course, Victoria BC

Wedding ceremony location: Lokier Gardens, Oak Bay.  Reception: Uplands Golf Course, Victoria BC

I am so happy to be sharing the wedding of Sandra and Jeff.  It was such a beautiful day and Sandra just glowed JOY!  They got married in the a beautiful garden setting, and had a reception at Uplands Golf Course in Victoria.  Sandra looked radiant in her dress.  This couple is just so nice, and their families were all so incredibly happy..  They had a combination of west and east traditions, including a Chinese tea ceremony.  The portraits took us to some cool locations I didn’t even know about before.  Victoria never ceases to amaze me with all the hidden gems.  Enjoy Sandra and Jeff 🙂

The ceremony in Lokier Gardens.

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The cute cute flower girl. chinese wedding lokier gardens victoria bc wedding photographers photography lokier gardens wedding photographer victoria bc oak bay

This wedding party was really fun!  Lots of laughs with this group! victoria wedding photographer wedding party fun unique

See this view?!?!  And I could not resist isolating the couple with the gorgeous blue sky. sunny wedding photographers victoria bc ocean view oak bay

Jeff took some time to relax while we did a fun picture of Sandra showing off her new hardware. wedding party bridal portraits wedding photographer victoria bc government house government house rose garden wedding photography portraits gates arch creative romantic portraits government house victoria bc wedding photography creative unique government house wedding photography victoria bc

Then it was off to the reception.  As you can see, everyone was having a blast.  

The speeches had laughter and tears! uplands golf course wedding reception victoria wedding photographers

And always one of my favourite moments, the first dance! first dance wedding photographer victoria uplands golf course

Thank you Sandra and Jeff!

Let’s hear from the happy couple 🙂


1)      Tell me how you first met?

Jeff asked his good friend if his girlfriend had any nice single friends. We met in April 2010, when we all went out for a double date at the Canoe Brewpub. Jeff was the first one to arrive and ordered a beer. When the rest of us arrived, it was busy and hard to find a table, so we thought it would be best to go to another venue. I told Jeff to chug his beer so we could go to the next venue and he did! He had me at “chug it” : )


2)      When did you know he/she was the one?

Sandra: It always felt comfortable and right to be with Jeff, I could always be myself around him and would miss him when he wasn’t around.

Jeff: When I missed Sandra when she went travelling (i.e. Australia).


3)      Tell me about the proposal.

I knew Jeff went to look at rings once, but I didn’t know he went back a few times and purchased the engagement ring. I love how he picked it out himself and it’s perfect. My family came over for lunch and afterwards Jeff and I went for a walk and he proposed at the gazebo by Laurel Point. There was no one else around, just us. He said he was a bit nervous before, trying to work out what to say/how to say it. It was an amazing feeling and I had to ask him after to repeat what he said and I also asked him if he got down on one knee, lol.


4)      Tell me the one thing you love most about each other.

Sandra: Jeff is such a good person and his sense of humour, smile (dimples) and laugh.

Jeff: Sandra’s caring nature, she’s always there for me and her ability to empathize.


5)      If you feel comfortable, share with me something silly or quirky the other person does.

We both make funny voices together, and make up little jokes and songs.


6)      Besides getting married –‐ what was your favourite thing about your wedding day?

Seeing our guests and celebrating with all our family and friends at the reception.


7)      What inspired your décor or theme?

The wedding colours were inspired by a bouquet of flowers I saw in a magazine and the fact that the bridesmaid dresses only came in dark purple at the time. I didn’t want the men’s ties to be too matchy-matchy, so chose green ties. I also like vintage, so shopped at thrift stores for our centerpiece vases, including teacups for the flowers and also the candy dishes.


8)      What’s one thing you wish you would have known earlier in regards to planning?

Jeff says it’s important to check the logistics. Just remember it will all work out, even when little things may not turn out as expected. I stopped looking at hairstyles as one website had thousands. The hairstylist came up with something totally different than what I expected, but it was perfect.


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