Sarah and Ian’s Amazing Vancouver Island Wedding!

This wedding capped my wedding season in the best way possible.  What a fantastic wedding! These two are so in love… and they have the CUTEST little daughter Jessica… wow, so perfect!  The most difficult part of this wedding was trying to limit the number of pictures to put in this post. 😀  Be warned there are many.  But this wedding was full of amazingness.  Including my amazing second shooter for the day, Deanna McCollum!

Introducing little Jessica!  Look at Sarah and Jessica’s faces! You can tell how much they love each other.

I can’t handle all the cuteness!  Jessica was a flower girl during the ceremony (one of three little cuties).  Hence the cutie pie dress!

Hot tamale bride and hot tamale bridesmaids to boot!

One of my FAVOURITE moments of the wedding.  This was Ian’s face as he saw his daughter come down the aisle as a flower girl.  Ian is so genuine.  He lives in the moment.  You could see the love on his face and in his eyes.  He welled up a little bit more when he saw Sarah come down the aisle.  It was difficult for me to hold it together too.  But great to be a part of!

“Hi daddy!”  You can see Jessica stealing the hearts of the whole crowd

If you have not already fallen in love with this couple, take a look at this.  Another favourite of mine.  I love this shot because every face in this photo is full of joy!  I feel like the luckiest person in the world to get such awesome clients!

Sarah… such a stunningly beautiful bride.

You can see how much he loves her.  I love that.

Sarah and Ian had their wedding at the Brentwood Bay College School.  Definitely a new venue for me, but a really beautiful place.

Oh thank you beautiful late October weather!  Didn’t expect you but it was sure nice of you to show up!

Sarah and Ian had such a west coast style wedding, including water bottles as favours, plants in recycled tin cans, saplings as favours, and a tree theme throughout!  Every table was named after a tree you can find locally.

And their first dance was to “Your Song” by Elton John.  This couple is so cool!

And last but not least… you see, Ian is a rock star.  For real.  He and his band (that included some groomsmen and the MC) got on their kick ass stage they had at the reception and played a set of songs.  They were soooo good!  In fact, Ian even recorded two songs before the wedding that were played during the ceremony.  This party was outstanding.  Ian’s band was phenomenal, and so was the other band they hired for the night.

I hope to blog their photobooth soon… also too good!  Thank you SO much Sarah and Ian!  I had a blast with both of you! Much love!