Ladies night!

Last Tuesday I invited some photography ladies out to coffee…. it is a trend I hope continues and continues to grow!  I met two of the friendliest and kindest (not to mention ultra talented) ladies in the biz, Deanna McCollum and Tracy Risinger.  These two ladies are not only excellent local photographers, they are my personal blogging idols.  I am trying to commit to blogging more about not only my photo shoots, but other cool things in my life, like meeting and sharing with these two.

I can’t wait to do it again, and bring in any other interested locals.  It’s amazing how without an agenda, we filled two hours before we knew it, just talking about our common struggles, our funny stories, and our lives in and out of this crazy business.

I am so happy to have two new friends in this business, and their achievements have challenged me to be a better blogger.


Thanks for being so warm and open ladies!  here’s looking forward to next time! 🙂