Krista and Geoff – a snowy engagement session in victoria bc

I have to explain something.  I love Krista.  I love her.  I am so happy she is my friend. I have known her for years now and she is the kind of person who sees the good in everyone.  She is the walking definition of kindness, while also sporting a pretty biting wit.  But she applies it selectively.  And those to whom she applies it actually appreciate it.

OK, OK, I am gushing.  But you have to know that about her.

Then I met Geoff.  Well, there is nothing but great stuff to say about him too!  For real, they are such an amazing duo.

So I kind of knew they were the perfect couple to play a “let’s wait for an awesome snowy day” game.  They were so up for it!  I really wanted to do a snowy engagement shoot, so we patiently waited.  And one day in February we got our wish.  We got together and played around in the snowy woods.  They were just themselves and I was just there with them… and we had a great time.  I love the joy in these images.  Cannot wait for the wedding!!

These next two I like to call Ninja Krista.  Can throw a snowball and disappear in a single shutter click!  Ske-doosh! (Kung Fu Panda anyone?)