Janine and Bob’s Saanich Fairgrounds wedding

Janine and Bob’s fun and lovely wedding at the Saanich Farigrounds, near Victoria, BC.

If you know Janine, and I count myself lucky that I do, you would know this wedding would be full of love, rustic, and very DIY.  Janine is super crafty and took care of organizing the whole wedding and decor herself.  There were some decor rental pieces from Designer Wedding and Special Occassion Rentals in Victoria, BC, but the vision was Janine’s and it was simply amazing.  There is so much to this wedding, it’s full of amazing moments, check them out!

Janine is, among all of her talents, a trained makeup artist.  Yeah, she did her own makeup, as well as her mom’s.  That’s why they look sooooo beautiful.

Oh, you want more amazing?  How about a bridal party in cowboy boots?  Boom!

Prepare yourself for one of my favourite first looks.  I think this is such a great idea, so future brides listen up 😉 . The first time Janine’s dad saw her in her dress, we did a big reveal, and it was a) amazing – check out the look on his face, and b) very emotional, as you can see many of the bridesmaids were moved to tears.  It was very special.

Bob was all smiles as he saw his beautiful bride coming down the aisle… 🙂

Love the joy in this shot!  And the flying paper hearts 🙂

Yes, this wedding party was non-stop fun.  I laughed with them A LOT!

You might remember from their engagement shoot that Janine and Bob have a little dog names Willie.  Well the wedding day could not be complete without Willie joining us for a few images.

Yep, this wedding party was fun!

I was able to pull Janine and Bob out of the reception for some sunset photos.  I cannot recommend this enough for couples.  It literally takes 5-15 minutes, and the results for me so far have always been incredible.

Time to celebrate!!

I had to throw this in since it is the best cake photo I have probably ever taken.  Do you think Bob caught it in his mouth?  

How can you not love this couple?

Janine’s dance with her dad was very special.  Tears were shed.  She is a daddy’s girl for certain.  I can relate.

The lovely first dance.

This truck below is Bob’s.  Not random. 🙂  It has meaning.

Time for some Q&A with the bride and groom.

1) Tell me how you first met.

We met through Discount Car and Truck Rentals almost 6 and a half years ago. Bob was the location manager at the Sidney office and I was a Customer Service Rep at the Downtown Victoria office. It was about 6 months into working there before we actually met face to face. I was told by co-workers that I would get along with “Bob from Sidney” because they both liked Country Music. At that time I pictured an old balding guy with a moustache. I was right about the moustache.

2) When did you know he/she was the one? 

We decided to be “single together” since we had both just come out of other relationships, and been together ever since!

3) Tell me about the proposal.

I told Bob right at the beginning that I wanted to be with someone for at least 5 years before becoming engaged, 5 years and a week later he popped the question! Bob picked me up from work. We were talking about how we were looking forward to taking Willie (our dog) for a walk at the dog park that weekend but it was supposed to be pretty rainy. So Bob suggested we just take her on the way home. We did our usual walk around and then went down the path to the ocean. There’s a cute little grassy picnic area, then beach down either side. It was quite windy out and I was filming Willie jumping on the rocks near the water. Bob was being extra sweet, which I took note of, but didn’t think anything of it. Once I put my camera away I looked over at Bob who then said “Honey, I love you and I have something to ask you…” as he was getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. That’s about all I remember! I was saying something along the lines of “Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Is this really happening????” while jumping up and down and hugging him and crying…. He asked me to give him an answer in which I promptly said “YES!”

4) Tell me the one thing you love most about each other.

Janine: I love that he’s my best friend.

Bob: I love that she’s the sweetest one ever.

5) If you feel comfortable, share with me something silly or quirky the other person does.

Janine: I love how he makes up songs about Willie (our dog)!

Bob: She says ‘like’ alot, sometimes.

6) Besides getting married –‐ what was your favourite thing about your wedding day?

Bob: The FOOD!

Janine: Having everyone we love in the same room.

7) What inspired your décor or theme?

I was always drawn to the more rustic type weddings, I would’ve loved to have it in a barn but we couldn’t find one in the area that we wanted. I just took all the things we loved and that represented us and put it all together!

8) What’s one thing you wish you would have known earlier in regards to planning?

I wish someone had told me to not completely consume myself with the wedding planning, because once it was over I found I had nothing to do!


Congrats Janine and Bob – and thank you for inviting me to photograph your wedding!


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