Ashley and Jeff’s Vineyard wedding

OK, I have a great one for you today folks!  This wedding is endless amounts of awesome.  I can’t wait for my new wedding season in Halifax!  In the meantime, one of my favourites from Victoria.  I felt an instant and strong connection with Ashley and Jeff.  I often get these kinds of connections, as I (knock wood) seem to attract some pretty awesome couples.  Anyway, we got along great, and I knew we would become friends.  We had a great time at their engagement session, and I simply could not wait for this wedding.

It all started with the getting ready.  I always think it’s a good idea to get preparations coverage, as it is the one part of the day that the two of you are not together.

Ashley is such a stunningly beautiful person, inside and out!

And these boys are looking pretty spiffy also!

OK, seriously had such a good time with this group of bridesmaids!

Their reactions seeing each other in the aisle were some of my favourite moments.  These two have been together for years.  And they still care so much about each other, they were in tears.  It makes my heart so happy. groom reaction tears crying first time seeing bride halifax nova scotia wedding photographers photography photographer

Can we say gorgeous setting?

It’s so fun to be married!!

One of my favourite photobombs of all time, courtesy of the mother of the bride and all around great person, Jean! winery wedding halifax nova scotia photographers photography party great best top

When your dress twirls this well, you just gotta do it!

So Ashley found this pink antique couch, and kept it for her wedding day.  She had the idea, and it was just dreamy for photos.  Plus we had this awesome old builsing on the vineyard to use as a backdrop… AH! 😀 nova scotia wedding photographers fun party couch barn vineyard halifax bridesmaids halifax nova scotia wedding fun creative best top photgrapher nova scotia wedding photographer couch outdoors fun creative emotion top best vineyard pink bridal photography halifax nova scotia couch fun dress

Seriously?? Just stop with all the BEAUTY! beautiful bride portrait wedding nova scotia halifax couch antique vintage

On to the reception.  Just a few photos… far too many to post a proper representation.  But I HAD to include the cake toppers Ashley made… which included one of their fur baby Bella! fun wedding cake topper nova scotia halifax photographers

The entrance 🙂  Dancing the whole way.

People had a great time singing to get the couple to kiss!

The shoe game, or their version.  no shoes, but props with meaning.  Same idea, same hilarity! halifax nova scotia wedding photographers shoe game

See how fun they are?!  First dance! fun first dance wedding photographers nova scotia halifax beautiful

Then we made it outside for some sunset photos.  This is always a good idea if you can spare the 10-15 minutes.  They do not take long but they do get the best light of the day! sunset wedding photographers halifax nova scotia

After dark we went back outside so that the couple and some guests could send off Chinese lanterns into the night sky.  So awesome! chinese lanterns wedding photographers halifax nova scotia chinese lanterns nova scotia wedding photographer halifax

A day to remember for sure.  Now let’s hear from the couple.


Tell me how you first met? 

 We met during our first year of college. Being a small campus we had many of the same classes together and over the course of the first year a friendship evolved into a relationship.


When did you know he/she was the one?

It wasn’t a moment but a bunch of accumulated moments over our years together: fitting into each other’s families, having similar values, being able to effectively communicate with one another, and wanting the same things in life.


Tell me about the proposal. (Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning?, how did you feel? nervous, excited, freaking out?)

While on a roadtrip across the United States we made it to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. There Jeff planned a cute picnic and got down on one knee. It was really special and sweet.


Tell me the one thing you love most about each other.

Jeff loves Ashley’s never ending compassion and empathy towards other people.

Ashley loves Jeff’s caring and sensitive side (and also the fact he is the cook in the family).


Besides getting married –‐ what was your favourite thing about your wedding day?

There were so many highlights about our day that we will cherish but the best part is sharing the day with all your friends and family. Having people come together to celebrate you is really special.


What inspired your décor or theme?

We were really drawn to the Westcoast/Rustic theme. We wanted a venue that showed off the beautiful area that we call home but also loved the romance of the rustic décor. We chose to have elements of grey, blush, wood, and lights.


What’s one thing you wish you would have known earlier in regards to planning?

The extent to how much effort and planning was going to be involved. How long it actually took to get tasks done. There was a lull in planning after booking venues and we wish we would have really worked through more details then to make the last few weeks less busy.


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