Jen and Colin Wedding

Since moving my wedding photography business to Halifax, I am having fun looking back and blogging some of my past weddings from before the move.  So it is a great treat to get to talk about the wedding of Jen and Colin.  They were the sweetest people I could ever hope to meet, and I even have Jen to thank for my new-found appreciation for old school Mariah Carey.  There was a lot of joy at this wedding.  They also opted for one of my packages that includes a same-day slideshow.  This was super fun to put together and see the reactions of everyone.  I love doing them… the guests and couple always love them.

I have a lot of fun stories about this wedding, but I think I should also let some photos do some talking 😀

Such beautiful details at this wedding!

nova scotia photography details wedding flowers decor decorations

I love taking getting ready photos.  After all, this is the one time of the day that the bride and groom are not together.  So these kind of photos can be a look into what each of you were doing before you were together.  Also, are you kidding me with this awesome dress?   nova scotia halifax wedding dress getting ready buttons beautiful classic clean phtography

Not to mention the gorgeous bride in said dress!  I also love how her sister is watching her.  A lot of love between these two.  Sisters and best friends. wedding dress getting put on bride looking in mirror reaction emotion romantic

Also love the reaction shots.  “It’s become real now… our friend/daughter/sister is getting married today!” nova scotia photography dress getting ready preparations bride nova scotia emotional photography family tears candid

Work it Jen!  STUNNING! fun bridal phtoography nova scotia halifax nova scotia photography creative fun best top

Did I mention they got married with a castle as the backdrop???  That’s pretty cool!


Jen and Colin left their schedule so nice and loose that they had time for champagne and congratulations from their guests!

And then we were off to the garden for some portraits!  Can you tell this group of bridesmaids was super fun?? fun unique creative bride and bridesmaids nova scotia photographer

Oh, and those handsome boys too!

I seriously love these two.

Walking in to the reception, celebration time!  Also any guess as to what was playing for the entrance?  I can’t remember the title, but I know it was Mariah Carey!

They did their first dance as soon as they entered.  It was very romantic! bride and groom first dance

Now let’s hear from the bride herself:

  • Tell me how you first met.

Colin and I met in Oct 2007 when we both started working at a homeless serving agency in Calgary. I remember really noticing Colin by how he treated others. He had such compassion and treated everyone like a “brother.” Everyone respected and admired him.

  • When did you know he was the one?

I knew very early on that there was something special about Colin, but this was really grounded in a mutual respect for each other as we worked together and for many years, he was my boss! We both really cared about the work we were doing and the teams we were leading that we did not act on our feelings while we worked together. Instead, Colin and I were really able to develop a working relationship where we learned to trust and challenge each other, how each other operated under stress, and how we treated others. It wasn’t until I left my job to pursue my Masters that Colin and I began exploring how these things were a great foundation for a relationship too! I think we started dating because we knew there was the potential for something really awesome by teaming up more permanently!

Also. When I found out he was also a Mariah Carey fan, I was sold!!!

  • Tell me about the proposal. 

At the time, we were living and working in Calgary, but on vacation in Victoria. I had kind of thought vacation would be a romantic time to propose, but also did not want to expect too much. Funny enough, we were actually driving around the Royal Roads campus because Colin had just started his Masters there and we saw a wedding party coming out of the castle. Jokingly, I said to Colin “what a nice place to get married, hey?” and he just kind of chuckled. A few days later, we were in Tofino, which is a special spot for Colin and his family with many memories connected to his late mother. On our drive there, he was very particular about wanting to get to the restaurant before sunset. “Great,” I thought. “He’ll propose tonight at sunset at dinner.” Once at the restaurant, he took me out on the balcony to take in the view and I thought “Oh, this is it!!” But when I turned around, he was back inside and sitting at the table… I actually had to talk myself out of being upset. That night, I called my sister and told her I had expected him to propose, but that perhaps I was being selfish and had to remember that this trip wasn’t about me, but a special place with special memories for him as well. As a good sister does, she was quick to affirm my selfishness and tell me not to worry about it. I did stop expecting it and was able to just enjoy the next day. Later in the afternoon, Colin asked if I wanted to go out for a walk and we went to a point where his mother’s ashes had been spread many years ago. There he asked me “are you happy?” “Yes,” I said. “Who wouldn’t be happy in this gorgeous place.” A few seconds later, he asked again “are you happy?” and again I said yes, but was thinking “what the heck, yes but just let me enjoy this place please!” Then he said, “well I have something that will make you very happy.” |Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so excited I almost got up and ran away! He kept me there and I said yes!

  • Tell me the one thing you love most about him.

I love that Colin always listens to me and always tries to see where I’m coming from. I can be soft-spoken, but Colin always listens—even when I’m not saying anything out loud. <3

  • If you feel comfortable, share with me something silly or quirky the other person does.

Ugh, he cannot sleep without a fan on….

  • Besides getting married –‐ what was your favourite thing about your wedding day?

Because  ALL of our friends and family traveled to be in Victoria for the wedding, it was just really special to celebrate with all those people who made that commitment in terms of time and money to be there.


Thank you Jen!!

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