Featured Victoria BC Wedding Vendor – Platinum Floral Designs

I have had the pleasure of working with Tina from Platinum Floral Designs for a while now.  It all started when I was working at a wedding and HAD to know who was the amazing florist who did these amazing bouquets! Then I met the floral design genius behind this company – Tina Barbanoff.

I asked Tina to be my first in what I hope to be an ongoing series featuring local wedding vendors that I believe in.  Here is a little Q&A with Tina from Platinum Floral Designs.  I have spiced it up with pictures of her amazing work!

1.     How did you get started in Floral Design?

Well my family’s lives had been flipped upside down with the whirlwind economy crash and the loss of a very close family friend.  I had been a stay at home mom for 2 years, but I was restless and wanted to get back into the work force and of course I needed to find something I could do and still be a large part of my children’s lives.  I grew my first organic cut flower garden and that’s when the God’s from above came on down and struck me with an insane, immense passion for these beauties and I began to study hard, learn techniques, contact and mentor with other floral designers from around the globe and I just knew this was going to work!  I knew I had a drive, a passion, and was sure with this drive I could make something happen.

2.     What sets Platinum Floral Designs apart from others?

I know we are dedicated 100% to each and every client we receive.   Customer service is of utmost importance to us, sincerely!  We want your event to be perfect and we strive to understand all the details about the event.  We completely understand when it comes to weddings, there are life long stories, told and untold.  Parents who have saved their entire lives for this one day, or missing a loved one that the family would like to have commemorated.  We consider our clients stories, their lives and include little details that are personal to the couple.  We know these events happen once in a lifetime, and we are honoured, absolutely honoured to be a part of that!  I love to think outside the box as much as I can and bring in new elements of surprise.  I think anyone who knows us will tell you this!  And of course, these surprise elements will only enhance the design themes tenfold.  We are consistently keeping up to date with new trends, new techniques and colour harmonies to make sure you are receiving top notch quality!  We love what we do and want to do this FOREVER !  It’s important to be the best in all aspects of our business.

3.     What is your favorite thing about your business?

There are really so many things I love about this business, from opening my cooler and seeing splashes of colours throughout, smelling the roses – literally – you can’t imagine smelling 300 stems of Pink O’hara Garden roses – such a delight.  It’s also a reminder – that this Earth is splendid, so perfect and what a special gift to have – flowers, so precious.  But what I love most about this business is being a part of a family uniting with another family, seeing the happiness, the excitement and love in their eyes.  All their wishes and future dreams explode as your talking with them, which gets us excited, and of course hearing the “how did you meet” is always so sweet.  I love setting up a wedding and seeing the finished product.  And then there is the cherry on top – when you receive your “thank you” message and pictures from the wedding and you know right there and then, that all your hard work has paid off.  That we did do something amazing, we made just one day in someone else’s life special, unforgettable!  And that is the ultimate pay back.

4.     Do you have any advice or tips for brides planning their wedding?

YES – absolutely I do.  When booking your wedding day flowers, please try to book as soon as your dress has been picked and your venue booked.  Flowers should be next in line.  Flowers are naturally grown and need time to grow of course!  And when dealing with a flower like a garden rose, they are limited!  Once they have been spoken for, that’s it!  The sooner we can get your order in, the better it will be!  There are the classic questions of course that you as a bride need to ask but I am sure many of you have already searched out these questions on the net, so I won’t go into it.  But, I would like to talk about budgets.  We realize your budget is important and we strive to meet that budget.  Often, when dealing with strict budgets, I like to view the venue of choice and enhance only one or two areas that will make a large impact instead of making numerous smaller pieces.  Such as : the signing table.  Every single one of your guests will be there signing your guest book, why not make a large statement there?  Or perhaps there is a beautiful place for photography, create a beautiful setting with props and a large floral piece.  It’s better to create one amazing, unforgettable space, rather then none at all.  5.     What are the new trends you are seeing in floral design?

There are a few prominent trends right now: vintage and rustic come to mind right away.  Many are concerned about the environment and I get a lot of questions about locally grown flower choices.  We are moving away from hand tied bouquets and moving back into free flowing cascading bouquets which is splendid!  Predictions for 2012 are shades of blues and oranges, but I am sure the pastel colour board will continue to make its mark.  Brides are wanting more of a personal touch to make their day truly theirs.  You can include handkerchiefs passed down from your grandfather wrapped around your bouquet, love “knots” written on vintage paper from your bridesmaids can be wired into your bouquet, monograms, brooches, buttons, lace and heirloom items are being included.   Why not add a tiny picture frame and include a loved ones picture as you take your walk down the aisle?  It’s all about you and creating a day you won’t ever forget!

6.     Outside of your business, what do you love to do?

I am sure every mother will say this, it’s all about the family.  I am dedicated to my family and spend every moment madly in love with them, well minus the moments they are destroying my house … lol.  We camp, spend days at the beach, hike, garden, and learn together!  I enjoy arts and crafts and am always digging for the next Eckhart Tolle book.  I enjoy meeting new people and I like to help friends as much as I can.  I always wonder, if we all just came together a bit more, helped our neighbors a bit more, where would this world be?  I think it’s in the little things we can all do, that make the largest impacts.  I’m an advocate for love 🙂  I believe in giving and receiving.  You definitely get what you give!

If you are looking for a floral design for your wedding that will be truly unique, creative, and beautiful, check out Platinum Floral Designs!