Caitlin and Dustin – Couple’s Portrait session in Victoria, BC

I am excited to start updating regularly to get caught up on all the awesome weddings and families and couple’s shoots i have been doing.  Life has been busier than ever and I am loving every minute of it!

So to start – last time I blogged it was a family session in October.  So fun!  Shortly after this, I headed off to Indianapolis for an incredible workshop with my favourite photographers in the world – Bobbi + Mike.  It was awesome, I was so nervous!  But they could not have been better people and the workshop was so inspiring. The photographers there were touched on a deep level and changed forever.  I can’t say eough good stuff about it.

This brings us to Caitlin and Dustin.  This was my first session (albeit a mini session) after the workshop, and in these photos I can see the difference.  Maybe you can, maybe you cannot, but one thing I think is abundantly clear – these two were so in love, so good-looking, and really fun to be aroundt.  Thanks Caitlin and Dustin!!!