Boudoir Photography in Victoria, BC

Boudoir photography is all about empowerment, confidence, fun, and it’s all about YOU!  It’s about an experience that includes being pampered and feeling gorgeous!


It’s about celebrating you as you are…. your sensual side.  All women have it.  Trust me.

I have seen those already comfortable in their skin loving every minute of it!

But also rewarding is seeing those who come in with their insecurities, are honest about them, and watching them blossom in the experience.  To those out there with those insecurities, you have to trust me when I tell you this – you are more beautiful than you think!!  Don’t wait for those last five pounds before booking – book now.  Celebrate who you are in this moment.  Then if your body changes, it’s time for a new celebration.

Have a look at this video to learn more about my boudoir work and philosophy:

And just a few images to share 🙂

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I do not have a boudoir blog as of yet, as I am adamant about protecting the privacy of my clients.  All images in the video, as well as on this page, have been shared with express permission of those photographed.

It’s time to book your own session!  Contact me for your own amazing experience!