Angie and Misha – this will make you a believer!

Going back over these pictures in preparation for this post was a great experience.  To relive this day a little bit… sigh.  I love these two.  I have to give you a bit of a back story on these two… it proves that there is such a thing as destiny!  Angie and Misha met when both were travelling in Europe.  They ended up sitting next to each other on a flight from France to Italy.  They got along so well they decided to go sightseeing together.  And again, good times were had by all.  plans were made for the following day, but Angie overslept and missed the meeting time by a couple of hours.  And so, it looked like that was it!  BUT it wasn’t.  In the course of conversation Misha had gathered information on the day Angie was leaving and where she was going.  He researched the flights leaving that day, figured out which one she was likely to be on, and which shuttle she would be taking to the airport.  He took a train a bit earlier and was waiting on the platform for her when she got there.  A long distance relationship, a proposal, a move from Misha to Victoria, and I met them at a Christmas party.  I was smitten with them as people and with their story (obviously… how could I not be????).  I really really wanted to be their wedding photographer.  I feel so lucky that I was chosen.

Angie and Misha did not want any posed pictures, so these are pure moments as I saw them.  The wedding was at a waterfront home here in Victoria, BC.

It was so awesome to be their for the special moments between Angie and her dad.  These two love each other so much!

This moment was not planned.  There was a dog, there was a ceremony… then there was a dog in the ceremony.  Angie and Misha just rolled with it.  Awesome.

Misha’s family Skyped in from Russia, so they said some vows in Russian in front of the webcam.  It was really special.

Aw… they love each other so much.

Angie is so stylish.  And also, she is great.  🙂